Phytools 3

PhyTools-3 is a new plugins collection for Maxon,s Cinema 4D (11.x) also R11.5 too!

Components :

PhyFluids3D A new 3d-fluids simulation engine, for simulating smoke(Wave1), liquids(Wave2) and more (R11 and R11.5 only)

GeoTools A collection of some useful tools. (R10.x and R11.x)

PhyFluids A 2d-fluid (shader) simulation engine. (R10.x and R11.x)

UniFlex Is a simulation engine for Soft-Bodies, Cloth, Ropes, Particles and more. (R10.x and R11.x)

SilverBullet4DPlus Is primary a Rigid-Body simulation engine, but not only. (R10.x and R11.x)

199€ (non-commercial)

399€ (commercial)

R11.x, Windows, Mac Intel.


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